The story:
It all started on the easter egg hunt day..  About 60 kids were returning from a lively Easter Egg hunt at their Boys & Girls Club Vacaville.  Wrappers and candy still crackling in their plastic pumpkins and laps as they gathered for my tower presentation.  I asked those in attendance, “how many fruits and veg are in that candy?  Check those wrappers."  They scurried to check the writing….0! None! Nada! Exactly!  I said.  How many fruits and veg would be healthy for us to eat on a daily basis?  They yelled out some numbers…different answers.  The kids were engaged right off the bat with what’s healthy, what is that growing there, can you identify this?  Kale, chard, parsley, basil, lettuce, cucumber, squash, peas, tomato, etc.  

If you can engage the 5 senses, plus eat it and it’s going to make for healthy humans, all the better!  Kids love to get involved. The Boys and Girls Club Vacaville faculty and volunteers saw the big picture immediately.  What are we doing easter egg hunting for candy that’s sugar filled and obesity and diabetes waiting to happen?  A $5000 grant was procured from a pharmaceutical company…a few weeks later.  3 towers arrived on the scene to be set up and seeds to seedlings grown for.